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The Henderson Girls Share a Joke
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A playful and enigmatic tintype. Three young women, who seems to have dressed in mourning garb stretch a black cloth in front of them on which is a gentleman's silhouette in white. The woman at right has a beautiful, slightly suppressed smile and her cheeks have been delicately tinted. The woman at left, caught slightly in motion, is plainly laughing. The woman in the center, who has her arm around the waist of her friend on the left (and maybe of both, to pull them in) has crouched slightly to mischievously peer over the top of their banner. Measuring 2 1/2 inches by 3 5/8, the tintype is still in its torn paper mount, on the reverse of which in period ink is written: "Nan Henderson / M.L.R. / Mary Henderson / Tom Thom's [?] Silhouette" I feel pretty confident in this reading of the women's names. Tom's last name I am not sure of, but the first three letters seem to be "Tho" and it seems to end with an apostrophe-s. The silhouette, however, clearly is of a man with a typically 1890s short hair style and bushy mustache wearing a starched collar bow-tie.
Clearly, there is some private joke the three women are enjoying immensely.

The image surfaced south of Rochester, NY, and some genealogical work might develop a story, but it is an incredibly lively and fascinating image anyway.

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