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Steve Rogers
Antique Arms and Americana

Welcome! I buy and sell American military items dating from the American Revolution through World War Two, concentrating on the Civil War. From time to time you will find here uniforms, insignia, badges, equipment, weapons, flags, drums, bugles, photographs, letters and diaries. This includes just about anything the soldier carried or wore: caps, hats, jackets, coats, belts and cartridge boxes, shoulder straps, chevrons and badges, knapsacks, canteens and haversacks, muskets, swords, sabers, pistols and rifles both percussion and flintlock, even cannon. I also deal in historical Americana and memorabilia related to famous figures, everything from a lock of George Washington''s hair to a document signed by Abraham Lincoln.

I value long-term relationships with my customers and I like helping to build collections. I am also interested in purchasing items in any of the above categories and in placing the material I acquire in the hands of collectors who will preserve it for future generations. Please see my About Me page for additional details and feel free to ask questions.

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