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Civil War Regulation Bugle by J.F.M. Joerdens
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Regulation Civil War issue bugle made and marked by J.F.M. Joerdens.

Single twist copper body with brass ferrule at mouthpiece and along the outer loop of the tube toward the bell and a brass floating garland on the bell. 16 inches tall including the mouthpiece, about 15 inches without it. Correct lengthwise dovetail seam. Three small period patches on the inner curve of the tube near the mouthpiece (shown in my seventh photo.) These are thin brass pieces delicately soldered in place. Otherwise the horn is perfect- a medium aged patina to the copper and brass, no dents or tears. Solder is in place holding the small and larger portions of the tube side by side near the mouthpiece and near the bell.
Stamped on the front of the bugle, or top edge, just above the garland is J.F.M. JOERDENS / NEW YORK. Joerdens had army contracts for fifes and bugles during the Civil War, and also supplied drum snares. According to Bazelon, he had US contracts on 8/28/62 for 100 brass and 600 copper bugles; another of the same date for 250 brass trumpets and 100 bugles; and 8/13/64 for 500 copper bugles, among other contracts.
This bugle came out of the Liscom grouping purchased by Hank Ford, a rather legendary New England antique dealer, directly from the family twenty or more years ago. Brothers Lemuel Frank Liscom and Samuel E. Liscom both enlisted from Hinsdale, NH, and served in Co. A of the 14th New Hampshire. The material seems to have derived from Lemuel, since an infantry corporal frock coat was in the grouping and only Lemuel had served at that rank. Neither brother is listed as a musician, but Lemuel did serve as corporal, sergeant, and first sergeant and there are occasional references to a sergeant acting as a regimental bugler. He may, of course, have simply regarded it as a great souvenir of his wartime service. The grouping of material was large and was broken up among several collectors. Portions made their way into the Ockerbloom collection, sold by Amoskeag in 2004, and some manuscript material, including a wartime photo of Lemuel, surfaced again and was sold at Cowan's in 2007. The bugle was sold out of the group separately when it was first broken up. I will include some of the service and contract information with the bugle.
I show the contract information provided by Bazelon and the listing of some of the Liscom material at Amoskeag. I also show part of the Cowan listing with a photo purporting to be Lemuel Liscom.
Regardless of the personal identification, this is a scarce Civil War regulation bugle in great shape by a recognized US army contractor.
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