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Civil War Cavalry Revolver Holster
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Regulation Civil War issue holster for a cavalry revolver. Until recently this holster held a Remington New Model Army .44 Cal. revolver, but the collector decided to separate them. It is in very good solid condition, with intact seams, toe plug and latch tab in place. There is a faint two-line maker stamp on the flap just below the rivet retaining the latch tab. It may well be the mark of J. Davey, which I have seen in two lines at this position. The latch tab is solid. There is a lengthwise cut near the hole. I don't know why, but it does not affect the integrity of the tab. The holster has a thin coat of polish that looks fine. Some underlying finish is gone on some of the belt loop and latch tab from flexing. The tip of the latch tab shows some tiny notches, likely from a bored soldier. The belt loop is solid and could be mounted on a belt. There is a little roughness to the edge of the flap in places from the original finish chipping. I see only two small, less than 1/4 inch, cuts on the edge of the flap, fore and aft near the body, that the collector touched with a dab of glue to keep from opening.
A nice example of the regulation holster.