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JEB Stuart Saber Sling Attachment for Mann Cavalry Belt
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Original saber attachment and slings for the Civil War Mann's patent cavalry saber belt. Mann designed accoutrements for both the infantry and cavalry to better distribute the weight load. The cavalry belt also featured the detachable sling device JEB Stuart had patented in 1859 that enabled the cavalry trooper to quickly disengage his saber when dismounted. (This differs from the later Indian war attachments in that the slings are typical Civil War width and the hook device itself has a spring clip to keep it on the lower D-ring of the saber belt.) The slings are typical short, forward, and long, rear, slings, riveted at the top to the belt hook device and with double-headed brass studs at the bottom of each to button the sling ends around the carry rings of a scabbard.

The back of the catch is stamped "Frankford Arsenal" and the back of the hook is stamped "U.S." in Old English. Clearly stamped on the longer sling near the end is the government inspector's mark, "A.D. LAIDLEY / U.S. ORD DEPT/ SUBINSPECTOR."

The slings are bridle leather, black mixed with brown in color, full length, with tightening slides and brass stud fasteners in place. The leather is very good, with some crazing along the edges, but very good finish and flexible. The leather has not been treated with anything, and while the leather is flexible I am not sure you could unbutton it to mount it on a scabbard without tearing it-- so I am not making any guarantees about that.

Refer to Fred Gaede's excellent monograph on Mann's accoutrements for further information on Mann's equipment. It is definitely worth getting a copy if you can.

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