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SIlver Plated Spurs ca. 1775-1810
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Very nice set of silver plated "link belted" spurs with original straps. Crouch, Historic American Spurs, illustrates a similar pair on page 9 as Figure CV10, saying they are a rarely seen design and that Washington owned a similar pair. (I have not found an illustration of them.) These are made with a wide half-heel plate from which a 3/4 inch long wire mesh extends, linking to a slotted square for the straps. Small rings join the mess to the spur body and the slotted elements to the mesh. The straps are original and complete with no breaks, measuring 7/16 inch wide. The buckles and slotted squares were obviously silver plated as well, but the plate has worn off them from use and they are a dull gray in color with just some traces of silver in recesses.
The spurs themselves preserve better than 90 percent of the exterior plating and are excellent. There is some wear to the inner surface, of course, but it does not present a glaring contrast. The rowels are a flat, sunburst pattern, are complete, and turn freely. The silver is a pleasant, muted tone, showing some age, but not dark. One of the small rings joining the mess to the spur body has been replaced, but matches pretty closely.
Crouch says the pair he illustrates are silver-plated brass. These, however, are certainly iron underneath. Neumann illustrates some fancy solid silver British spurs whose hallmarks date them 1775-1781.
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