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Beautifully Tooled Officer's Colt Navy Holster
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Officer's commercially purchased holster for a Colt Navy. Butt-to-the-rear configuration, sewn belt loop, no rivets. Flap extends to a point and is secured by passing it through a standing loop sewn to the front of the holster body. The flap, upper edge of the front of the body and both front and back of rearward edge are tooled and stamped. The flap has concentric circles of small and medium sized dots along with circular stamps with a raised cross in the center. Tooled flare or feather marks run along the very edges of the flap and along the top edge and rear edge, front and back, of the body.
Toe plug is in place and tight. Belt loop in place and tight. Some crackling and alligatoring to the finish from flexing on the top and back of the flap, but no serious finish loss.
A very flashy holster that would go with a nice officer's belt rig, sword or revolver. Most infantry carried smaller, lighter pistols. There is a good chance this fellow was in the cavalry.
Shipping 15.00 insured. NY addresses add sales tax.