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Revolutionary War American Bayonet and Partial Scabbard
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Revolutionary War American made bayonet still with a portion of its scabbard. About 17 3/4 inches overall with a 13 3/4 inch long blade that measures 1 inch wide at the shoulder and tapers to the tip. No fuller on the top flat. The underside is very slightly hollowed, in imitation of a Brown Bess bayonet, but not so skillfully made and it was made with a base ring and likely a bridge, also in imitation of a Brown Bess bayonet. The slot, however, shows it was made for a musket with a bottom stud.

The shoulders of the blade are actually uneven. Looked at from the back they seem to line up, but when looked at from on top it is obvious one is noticeably lower than the other. Similarly, the socket was made with a collar or base ring, but the forging along the top is very crude and and the seam shows, as does the lapping of the metal on the neck. The metal is smooth brown in color with some gray showing through. It has a good edge and point, with some very light pitting along the top flat near the edges, but not very noticeable.

Even rarer than the bayonet is part of its original scabbard. Made of black leather with its seam running along the bayonet blade flat, about 11 1/3 inches are preserved. It is in good shape and fits the lower part of the blade from a point just shy of tip. The seam is still tight. On the back side, which would be outermost when worn, the scabbard was tooled with two decorative lines that form a cross near the top and then run down the length, intersecting to form alternate diamonds and ovals.

The internal diameter of the socket at the forward end is roughly .87 inches or 7/8. The back of the socket was opened up slightly to fit a larger barrel at some point by cutting the bridge of the base ring spreading the socket flange slightly.

Nice and untouched. Reportedly found in Connecticut.

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