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British Naval Fighting Dirk 1790-1815
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Classic naval fighting dirk ca. 1790-1815. See Gilkerson, Boarders Away, Volume 1, pages 111 ff. for similar examples and a discussion of the type.
This one is brass mounted, with a dark bone handle, vertically reeded, a short ferrule at its base and a pillow pommel. The cross guard in gently S-shaped. The blade is dark with some gray showing through. Rudimentary ricasso. The point is very slightly tipped and there are one or two minute nicks to the edge that are not visible to the eye, only to the touch if you run your finger along the edges. The hilt has a small bit of play to it, but not much. Overall 19 7/8 inches overall with a 15 1/8 inch blade.
This came out of the Coddington family, formerly County Meath, Ireland. Family tradition attributed it to a member of the family in the Royal Navy in ca. 1850-1865, but this form of dirk is too early and it was likely carried by another member of the family or family friend earlier on. (I will include the email correspondence I had with the family member who sold it.) In any case, it is a decent example of the type, and priced right.
No scabbard, of course.
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