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US Pillow Pommel Spadroon 1790-1810
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Ca. 1790-1810 US straight-bladed sword of spadroon form. Unmarked, but certainly an import from Britain for the American market before the War of 1812. 37 1/2 inches overall with 32 1/8 inch long blade, 1 inch wide at the guard, with a narrow ricasso and wide central fuller. Spearpoint tip. Plain blade, never engraved. Good edge and point. A mix of bright and gray with one 2.5 inch long brown section on the inboard side of the blade about 13 inches from the tip and some on either side of the tip. Still has the thin red fabric washer at blade shoulder at underside of guard. Reeded brown bone grips in excellent condition with no cracks. Square in cross section with a slight swell in the middle. Aged, untouched patina to the brass. The knuckleguard makes a very slight bend to enter the underside of the pommel cap. This sword might have been dropped or struck, but the knucklebow enters the underside of the pommel at a true angle and is tight, so it may have been the assembler's correction to a cast guard that was slightly out of alignment. There is no sign of any damage to the brass or the bone grip and the hilt is tight.
Some authors label this type as an infantry NCO sword based on the Starr 1813 NCO. But the form was popular, the pillow pommel is early, and the Starr NCOs are steel mounted with birdshead pommels.
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