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Civil War Cavalry Buff Leather Saber Belt with Slings
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Civil War US Cavalry Saber Belt

Buff leather, mid-war production with the one-piece wreath on the plate and rivet reinforcements to the stitching of the hasp and the billets for sling rings. Some dirt and dust. Flexible. A nice issued example, but not abused. Some extra slits were put in the belt toward the back to be able to shorten it up. The slings have commercial brass snap hooks added to make it easier to fasten and unfasten the saber. Three of the four slide tighteners are still on the saber slings. No shoulder strap, which was often removed in service. The plate and hasp are a perfect match in fit and in patina but have different bench numbers, indicating they were switched at some point. Given the fit and patina it looks like a legit wartime switch, perhaps among soldiers polishing their brass.
The buff has oxidized from black to brown, as usual. Some collectors recolor them. I prefer to leave them as is.
Ready to be mounted on a saber or mannequin with a cavalry jacket. A good example at a fair price!
Shipping $8.95. NY addresses add sales tax.