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1874 Pattern Mess Tin or Meat Can
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This is the Type-3 version of the 1874 pattern mess tin or "meat can." A lid with pull ring can act as the soldier's plate and the body of the tin has a folding handle so that it can act as a frying pan. The handle has a US stamp at the end and a small two-digit numeral below. The top snaps into place tightly in the bottom section. There is light surface rust overall that would clean, and a lot of the original tinning, now a dull gray. "2 L" is stamped in small letters below the pull ring, likely the regiment and company, along with "H A W" most likely the soldier's intials. The two small numberals below the US on the handle could be "03," which might be a date of manufacture. In any case, it is a nice example of the regulation issue mess tin.
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