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US 1902 Pattern Overcoat with 1905/07 Modifications
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Original US Pre-WW1 Overcoat with chevrons showing it was issued and worn during the war. Collectors vary in the terminology of the coat, but the pattern was adopted around 1902 and modified in the following years by the use of metal buttons, etc. The key points are that it is quite heavy and long, with a long rear vent, and was made for use with a detachable hood. 3 of the original 5 small buttons to attach the hood are still in place underneath the collar. The oval throat closure is still there as well. The coat is very heavy wool, fully lined, with one interior breast pocket and two interior side pockets that communicate with the exterior pocket flaps as well. A long vent or placket on the bottom rear is about 19 inches long and closed by three small buttons, one of which remains.
The buttons all seem to be Horstmann marked bronze eagle buttons with the exception of one replacement by another company. A few of the buttons may have some restitching, others are a tad loose with original thread. The button hole bindings show wear on the left side from buttoning it across the chest to the wearer's right. There is virtually no mothing- I had to look very hard even to find a pencil point hole that might qualify.
I do not see a label inside but there is a large black US stenciled in the upper lining below the collar.
The outer sleeve edge is about 25 inches shoulder to cuff and 45 inches along the front edge top to bottom, but these are approximations and the coat is a collector's item, not for wear.
Guaranteed original forever.
The shipping cost is $23- the coat is quite heavy.
NY addresses add sales tax. Thanks!