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Seminole and Mexican War U.S Infantry Enlisted Epaulets
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1832 pattern epaulets for infantry privates and corporals. White worsted wool. These were introduced in 1832 and lasted until 1854. From 1831 to 1851 privates and corporals were distinguished from sergeants by having this shorter, half-length fringe. From 1851 to 1854 the length of fringe was equalized but the diameter differed and during that period the branch of service color for infantry changed from white to a light blue.
These are in very good condition with just some light scattered moth nips on the one shown on the left. These are minor and do not show up much since the underlying lining is white also. The one on the left is marked "H.Korn / Philada." on the reverse of the pad and the other has a "W.H. Horstmann / Philada." stamp. Both these companies were military clothiers during the period and the epaulets are a nice pair.
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