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Civil War knapsacks are not all that scarce. Surplus dealers had huge stocks of them after the war and literal stacks of them were available into the 1970s, with the main problem being how to separate all that tarred canvas.
Those were surplus packs that were never issued, of course. Finding one that was actually issued, worn, and brought home by a soldier is a much different story. Few things are less likely to have survived. They were not particularly attactive and served only to get a soldier's possessions back home.
Here's one that was actually issued and worn. Faintly visible on the exterior of the back is "K" over "9th Vt." that was originally stenciled in white paint. All the shoulder and cross straps are present, as are the extremely rare blanket roll straps. On the inside the original wood frame is still in place as well. The surplus packs never had them inserted and many soldiers disposed of them (probably not few ended up as campfire kindling.) The result is that some collectors don't even know the packs were intended to have them. In any case, it is still in place in this pack.
The 9th Vermont recruited in mid-1862 in response to Jackson's successes in the Valley and was rushed to the front, where it was caught up in the debacle at Harpers Ferry in September, 1862, and was surrendered with that garrison. After being exchanged in early 1863, it remained in Chicago guarding prisoners until sent to serve around Suffolk, Va., and on the Peninsula, before moving to the North Carolina coast. It then came back up to Virginia as part of the 18th Corps and served in the Army of the James. Transferred in late 1864 to the 24th Corps, the original members of the unit mustered out in mid-1865 and the remainder at the end of the year. They lost 2 officers and 22 enlisted men killed in action or mortally wounded.
The only defects in this pack are a separation line along the bottom rear edge of the pack from rubbing the frame. No material is missing and this could be mended easily if desired. It is solid as is, however. There is a little weakness to some of the interior straps, but nothing too bad. The shoulder rig is fine. One of the blanket roll straps shows a crude, period, repair of the stitching holding the buckle.
This is one of the most complete and best packs I have seen and would be a great addition to a collection. You certainly would never need to upgrade it, and would be very hard pressed to do so.
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