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Civil War "New York" Issue Mess Cup, Soldier's Initials
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The study of Civil War mess gear is complicated by the fact that early war volunteers were supplied by their states at their recruiting depots. Until the U.S. government took over the recruiting service, various state patterns might or might not follow Federal patterns.
A New York pattern cup has been identified by collectors on the basis of examples that can be identified to soldiers enlisting or mustering in at the Elmira Depot in the early years of the war. The pattern so identified is very close to what we have come to know at the US pattern, but is a tad taller and made of slightly thinner gauge metal. The handle is affixed in the same military fashion with wire over the top edge and a rivet at the bottom, with the top edge rolled over and the side and bottom seams crimped. They do not seem to have applied the upside down "T" of solder at the intersection of the two seams that seems to be a characteristic of the U.S. issue cups.
Here is an example of one of the "New York pattern" issue cups. It stands 4 5/8 inches tall and is a little out of round, but about 4 5/16 inches in diameter. The tinned iron shows use, with some gray mixed with brown and an obvious line showing were some of the tinning has run down from being left on a fire with the liquid inside not up to the brim, or boiled away. A soldier has scratched his initials, "DM" on the bottom of the cup and on the front side, opposite the handle about an inch below the rim.
Solid condition, no holes.
I show it next to one of the standard Federal style cups. The photo does not show the lighter weight, but should make clear it is a bit taller and with less robust rolling and crimping at the top and bottom.
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