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Regulation Civil War US Army Blanket-- Nice Condition
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Regulation issue Civil War US army blanket.

A very nice example of the regulation army blanket. Gray/brown wool with darker brown end stripes. Overall measurements are roughly 65 by 80 inches, with 4 inch wide stripes top and bottom. The tops and bottoms of these were unfinished and tended to shred. In this case a family member or descendant neatened up the top and bottom edges, turning them over and sewing a red, white and blue 1 inch wide ribbon across each end. The top stripe now sits about 2 inches in from the edge and the bottom stripe 3 inches, so the blanket has lost very little of its length. In the center the letters US in darker brown wool are loosely put in. The letters are done in three lines with open ends. Only one segment of one line of the S is missing. The letters are 4 inches wide. The U stands 5 inches tall and the S 5 inches, but this like all measurements of blankets is a little imprecise because the loose weave wool with stretch readily.
There are a half-dozen or so small holes or wear spots, most of them on the lower right, but they are not very noticeable and the blanket is very solid, intact, and can be handled, rolled or displayed.
Unfortunately there is no provenance available, but the addition of the red, white and blue ribbon shows it was likely treasured as a memento by a veterans family. I considered removing the ribbon to return the blanket to its wartime issue look, but decided to leave it alone as part of its history.
This blanket fits all the specifications and data for blankets laid out by Fred Gaede in his study.
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