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A complete cartridge box rig for the .58 caliber rifle musket, the characteristic arm of the Civil War infantryman.
This is the 1861 pattern, made without a reinforcing rivet on the latch tab and buckles for the sling. Black bridle leather shifting to a brown tone, 2 1/8 inch wide shoulder sling still in place, along with its round eagle sling plate. The plate is original and the one that came with the box, but the original leather wedges securing it through its loops on reverse had deteriorated and the collector replaced them with two short leather pieces. A soldier has cut his initials, "D.A.S." on the reverse of the sling near the plate, but there is no background to even give a start on identifying him, so the rig is a nice example of an issued piece, but can't be further identified. The box retains its oval cartridge box plate, secured by a long leather thong running through its rear loops with the ends tied. This plate is also original to the box and I show a close up of the thong securing it showin it is old and untampered with. The box has its original tin magazines with the upper dividers in place. I have not tried to remove them and see no reason to risk damaging the box by trying to do so. Likewise, I see no maker marks, but they are sometimes on the back of the box or on the sling near the billets, but I see no reason to risk damaging it by trying to find a mark. The standard "stake marks" (used to close tack holes by the leather worker) are evident on the side panels. The latch tab is in place, but is a bit soft. Someone applied a little leather dressing to it, which may not have been a bad idea. If the box and sling had anything put on them it was quite some time ago as it does not show. The finish on both is very good, just the usual crazing and wrinkling. The flap to the implement pouch on the inner face of the box, however, has lost much of its finish. (These were often tanned differently.)
This is a very good example of the Civil War infantryman's cartridge box rig. Pair it with a waist belt with bayonet and cap box and you have the full outfit. It is also an interesting example of an early war rig if you are interested in the development of infantry gear during the war.
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