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Turn-off Barrel Truncated Flintlock Pistol
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Iron mounted turn-off barrel breech-loading pistol. A tad under .40 caliber, 10 1/2 inches overall, 6 1/2 inch barrel. Barrel unscrews readily. No sign of a lug. Iron mounts gray, not overcleaned. Has a small dog catch but also holds well at half cock. Square back triggerguard. Pleasing grain to the wood.
Larger than the derringer-sized versions, but smaller than a holster version. The Colt pocket of its type, so to speak. Lockplate is marked but I see only the upper flourishes of script letters. French in overall appearance, though I suppose it could be a Huguenot gunmaker in England. The shallow angle of the grip and use of catch points toward an early date.

NOTE: Even though this is an antique, it still may not be paid for through Paypal. Payment may be made by check or money order.

Shipping $20 insured. Make
sure this conforms to any local regulations. Absolutely not warranted as safe to fire. A collector's item only.
NY addresses must add sales tax or supply a resale certificate.