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British Truncated Turn-off Barrel Circa 1750 By Greaves
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About .60 caliber,12 1/2 inches overall with a 7 1/4 inch barrel. Brass mounted. Brass has a nice mellow patina, cannon shaped barrel cleaned bright at some point and now mixed faded bright and gray. Barrel unscrews easily. Lug on underside is present, but worn down. Two light vise marks on barrel. Lock plate reads "I. GREAVES" The first initial is somewhat light and the V is shaped as a U, but that is unambiguously the name. I see no proofs. The butt cap with the grotesque or "pug-nosed" face and the butt cap finial seem very like some shown on pistols by Turvey.
"Truncated" form with the stock ending just beyond the lockplate with a flat brass facing plate.
Thumbpiece and openwork side plate in place. The thumbpiece had a small nail or tack put in at some point. Lock functions. Original flint. At its front end the lockplate is raised somewhat from the brass front plate. The forward screw would tighten it down, but I suspect it has stripped the wood threads underneath so I have not messed with it.
I show an illustration of a Turvey buttcap and buttcap finial from Burgoyne, The Queen Anne Pistol 1660-1680, which he dates about 1720. I would date this sometime after.
I don't find much information out there on the maker, though an online search did turn up one other pistol of the period with his name on it. Neue Stockel records several makers with that last name, including one "Joseph," but none seem of the right period. That Joseph was working in Birmingham ca. 1812. It's possible this is an early product of his, but more likely it is his father or a relative. The Birmingham location would explain the lack of London proofs.
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