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Civil War Artillery Pass-box for the 3-Inch Rifle
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Artillery Pass-box

The black leather tube is 12.5 inches tall and is fitted with a leather cap with short, sewn handle on top. The cap has two side loops enabling it to slide along the shoulder strap, which is sewn at each side and sewn round for the first 12 inches on either side above the flat 2.5 end portion that is sewn to either side of the box. The section of the shoulder strap ending with the billet and fastening holes is 46 inches long. The section holdier the black iron horseshoe buckle is 15 inches long. The tube is stenciled in slightly yellowed white paint, 3 IN. / RIFLE. For field service the gunners haversack seems more often used for transporting rounds from the limber chests to the guns and these for use in moving the rounds to the guns from a magazine in a fixed position. Condition is near mint and unissued. There are a few minor scuff marks, just some rubbing to the white paint, mostly on the L of RIFLE, a little finish loss to the top edge of the shoulder strap at roughly the center, from flexing, and some loss of black paint on the buckle. I see no markings.
Shipping $15. NY addresses will have to add sales tax. Thanks.