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Hodgson and Nicholson Flintlock Pistol Ca. 1810
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A very nice British flintlock with brass barrel and furniture. Clearly marked on the lockplate Hodgson & Nicholson. Crown/V and Crown/P proofs at left breach. Double line of engraving on the breachplug tag extends to a long single line loop on the barrel. Plain oval thumbplate. Small floral motifs on the rear of lockplate, hammer, triggerguard, base of the breachplug tang, and heel of the buttcap. Some old scratches and minor dings on the apron around the tang. Some dings on the center of the buttcap around the screw.
Action works fine. Barrel is 7 7/8 inches long. About .60 caliber.
I don't know when Hodgson and Nicholson were in partnership, but they were working in London ca. 1800-1810.
US only. Check local ordinances before ordering. Not guaranteed safe to fire. Collector's item only. Shipping $30 insured. NY residents add sales tax.