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Armed Civil War Soldier
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On Hold


A sixth-plate tintype showing an armed federal soldier standing in front of a painted backdrop. He is armed with an Austrian Lorenz and has the bayonet fixed. He is also wearing British accoutrements. The smaller cartridge box on the narrow shoulder sling is plainly visible and he wears the British expenditure pouch as well, which he may be using as a cap box. The British idea was that as the soldier drew cartridge packs from the box he would open them and place the loose rounds in the expenditure pouch for ready use. It might be possible to identify the unit on the basis of the particular weapon and accoutrements. British gear captured from blockade runners was occasionally issued to federal troops. Comes in original mat, glass, preserver and frame in a half case. I show the image alone as well. There are very slight marks from the oval mat and a very slight stain at upper right, mostly concealed by the mat. Shipping $9.95. NY addresses add sales tax.