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Revolutionary War Period Ice Creepers
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Essential for walking over frozen ground and a very common revolutionary war camp item. Calver and Bolton comment on their dig in the British and German camp on the Dyckman Farm, "These 'creepers' proved later to be quite a common feature of the life of this camp, for they have been found in almost every hut-site, and sometimes in such quantitities as to indicate the number of occupants of the hut." See also Neumann's entry for them in his "Collector's Encylclopedia of the American Revolution" where he shows not only a wide variety, but even one marked with a fleur-de-lys and another with a British broad arrow indicating that some, at least, were government issue.
These came 'out of the woodwork" in NY state and have old, if not the original, rope ties on them, which feed through scrap leather pieces that in turn are folded through the holes in the raised side pieces. This makes a lot of sense. The elasticity of the leather would make it easier to keep the ties tightly on the shoe.
These are not quite a pair. One stands a fraction of an inch taller on the prongs and is about is about 3 1/4 inches wide on the instep, the other about 3 inches, and the holes on one are a bit rounder than the other. Since these are all hand forged, however, I doubt these small differences mattered much and they were likely worn together. They certainly display well together.
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