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Dutch Bayonet
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Dutch bayonet, 1740-1760, a designation covering arms from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, etc., that were purchased by the British government and American colonies to make up for arms shortages. Quantities of Dutch arms and parts are known to have been purchased in 1706, 1715, 1741, and 1745. Parts of Dutch arms have been excavated on American sites such as Braddocks Defeat and at Fort Ticonderoga, and others seem to have been imported during the Revolution. See Mullins, Of Sorts for Provincials, and Neumann, Battle Weapons of the American Revolution for Details.

This bayonet is in excellent condition, smooth gray metal, with good edge, point and crisp marks. Probably cleaned forty or fifty years ago and now toned down again. 16 3/8 inches overall, with a 12 1/8 inch blade that is a shallow hexagonal with oval guard at base and a 2 inch socket designed for a musket with a bottom stud. Internal diameter of the front of the socket is just under 1 inch, about .980. The back portion has been pushed down slightly to about inch in diameter, likely for use on different musket since the first step of the slot has been slightly widened as well. This is a typically simple American solution to fitting the bayonet on a different musket than it was issued with.

The socket has an engraved number N629, the central blade flat is numbered 73, and the shank has a small number 206.

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