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1872 Cavalry Saber Belt
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The 1872 belt was intended to be worn with a shoulder brace system incorporating a carbine sling. This proved rather too complex for field wear, but the belt itself saw active service for a number of years. Part of the system also involved detachable saber slings. These were often replaced in the field by more conventional slings or the Stuart saber attachment, but since the saber was carried so little in the field, they are not usually with the belts in any case.
This one is a nice example, solid, and well marked with its size, "No.1," near the plate along with the inspector stamp "W.L.P." on the other side.
The slides, square brass loop sling supports, and carrying hook are present and secure. And, along with the belt plate and hasp, show traces of the original gilt finish.
The belt is solid, with decent finish, just some flaking at flex points, next to where the adjusting hook comes through, etc. The color is a brownish-black. I see one or two small spots where some polish was put on to conceal a wear spot, but the belt has not been polished overall or treated with any dressing or preservative.
This is a very nice example of a Custer era cavalry belt that would look great with a Dyer pouch, pistol cartridge box and holster.
I show a page from McChristian's Army in the West 1870-1880 showing the belt at left and a Stuart attachment at right. I just sold the one I had-- two days before acquiring the belt-- but they are out there.
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