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Revolutionary War British Horseman's Saber
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About 41.5 inches overall with a 35 inch blade. Slightly curved, flat, no fuller. Shallow ricasso stamped "Harvey" in raised letters in a sunken rectangular cartouche with serrated edge.
Hussar style hilt with flat tear-drop pommel cap and high capstan rivet, but with the earlier slotted guard with no sign of side bars. About 60 percent of the black leather wrap is there. Just a tiny piece of the binding wire. Ferrule has moved up slightly from the inside of the guard. I have left it as found. Blade is good, mostly smooth gray with some brown coming up. Tip slightly rounded, one tiny edge nick, one ding to the lower edge about 5 inches from the tip that looks like something hit it and gave it a tiny crack on the opposite side, but the metal is stable and I see no need for a repair.
Probably about 1779/80.