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Early War Holster for Colt 1860 Army Revolver
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Very good condition Civil War cavalry holster. See Meadows (1987) page 51 for these early war holsters for Colt Armies. Using only a single straight line of stitching for the latch tab and two rivets on the reverse for the belt loop, these holsters are form fitted and not readily interchangeable with other revolvers like Remingtons. (Later war holsters were designed to fit a variety of pistols.)
Belt loop, latch tab and toe plug are firmly in place. No loose stitching or seam separations. Some minor scuffing to edges visible under an old polish but better than 90 percent original finish is intact with very little alligatoring or crackling. This is holster is in much, much better condition than usually shows up nowadays and would dress up any cavalry or Colt display.
No markings visible.
Shipping $14.95 insured. NY Addresses add sales tax.