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Piece of Perry's Flagship Niagara & Centennial Souvenir
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Roughly 13-inch long piece of wood, 1 1/8 inch square in cross-section salvaged from Perry's flagship Niagara. Launched in 1913, the Niagara was part of Perry's fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie and in the middle of the battle he transferred his flag to her and continued the battle, ultimately gaining the victory over the British. The ship had been sunk after the war and was raised in 1913. The keel was used as the basis for a reconstructed vessel and much of the rest was turned into souvenirs.
This one bears an old label reading: "From Old Niagara Raised 1913." A copy of the centennial souvenir pamphlet comes with this, printed in 1913, 95 pages long with a number of photographs of the ship as it was raised, relics of the battle, photographs of the new ship and the ceremonies at its launching.
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