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American Revolutionary War Bayonet
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American Revolutionary War bayonet. English type base ring with French style blade with flat top surface and hollow ground underside forming two concave surfaces, and sloped shoulders. The blade is crudely welded to the socket utilizing a raised oval base. Three step mortise for a top mounted stud. The socket is bottom seamed.
This bayonet was made for one musket and then refitted to another. The interior diameter of the socket at the muzzle is .83 inch. The bayonet was then altered slightly to fit a larger bore musket by widening the first two steps of the stud slot and forcing open the lower portion of the socket (up to the rear edge of the second step of the mortise) to an interior diameter of .92 inch. The primitive bridge was cut to do this and then crudely welded back together with an overlapping seam.
The bayonet measures 16 inches overall with a 3 1/2 inch socket. The blade is good, with no significant nicks or pitting, but a bit of waviness near the point. The top flat of the blade is flat, with no fuller.The blade is mixed brown and gray in color, with light scattered pitting, but no significant edge chips. The socket shows more pitting and scaling and is mostly brown in color. The bottom seam of the socket opened slightly, for about 1/4 inch below the edge of the second step. The fore part of the socket preserves its initial diameter. A previous collector put a coat of varnish on it to inhibit rust. I have not removed it.
Similar to Neumann BW 58.BB.
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