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Revolutionary War American Socket Bayonet
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Typical American made copy of a Charleville style bayonet. A mix of dull silver and brown. Some light pitting in the brown areas. 13 inches overall. 10 1/2 inch blade. Socket 2 3/8 inches with a bore diameter at the muzzle of about 3/4 inch, making it appropriate for a .69 caliber musket. The mortise is a typical 3-step cut with a top stud ending about 1 1/8 inches from the muzzle. Decent edges and point. No fuller on top flat. Bottom is hollow ground with angled shoulders at base like the French patterns. No markings, of course.
Somewhat crudely made. The entry slot of the mortise is not lined up with the neck of the blade. And, when mounted, the blade would angle down slightly. The weld along the top shows for about half an inch. Above the neck the lower edge of the socket shows a slight step down on the interior.
A nice example of an American attempt to copy a French pattern.
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