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Relic Condition Civil War Mess Cup
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Relic condition "New York style" mess cup. Please see the description of the other NY cup on offer for more details on the type. These stand a tad taller than the later federal issue cups and are a tad thinner gauge of tinned iron. This one has lots of brown rust showing through and the bottom has lots of holes in the middle around half the inner edge of the bottom. Please see the photos- not excavated, but strictly relic condition from poor storage over the past 150 years. It does, however, have a set of initials scratched in the front that read "RFB" and the name "[.]OWMAN" scratched in vertcally just to the right of the initials. It is not too much of a stretch to suppose the name is "Bowman." "R.F. Bowman" was identified by a previous collector as a soldier in the 161st New York, but I find no such individual. It is possible the first initial is a "B," but that does not help with identification very much, so I leave that to the next owner to figure out.
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