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As mentioned in the description of the other 1885 pattern light artillery dress coat on offer, there were only ten batteries of US light or field artillery from 1866 to 1898 and their uniforms are correspondingly scarce. (The other batteries in the five regiments of US artillery authorized during the period were assigned to coast artillery and their coats follow foot patterns with long individual plackets on the tails. Light artillery coats follow the mounted pattern with a wide "W" shaped placket on the tails.) Dress coats for light artillery buglers (or trumpeters) are, of course, even tougher to find.

Here's a regulation example in excellent condition. Great color of the body and the trim. All the piping, buttons, and plackets in place. Body, sleeve and tail linings intact and in good shape. I see no manufacturer's stamp left, but the placement of the cuff buttons at the points of the plackets show it to be a federal issue coat and ink stamps are frequently washed out. All the buttons are standard US general service eagles. Some of the front lapel buttons show restitching, which is not uncommon. The top one hangs a little loose and should be tightened up. Hook and eye present at the collar. Virtually no mothing. I see a couple of stitches at the top of the right side vent- looks like there was a small 1/4 inch tear that was mended. This is not noticeable.

A very scarce coat in great condition.
Please check out the light artillery private's coat I have that is listed on Ebay at the moment.

Shipping $20. NY addresses add sales tax.