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The US pattern 1885 light artillery coat is pretty scarce. From 1866 to 1898 there were only five regiments of artillery in the army and in each of those only two batteries were designated as light or field artillery, the remainder being coast artillery. The 1885 dress coats of the latter batteries follow the infantry foot pattern coat with long separate plackets on the tails; the light artillery follow the mounted pattern with a "W" shaped placket on the tails.

This one shows a partial Schuylkill Arsenal stamp inside the front right panel reading "Manufactured .../ Schuylkill Arsenal/ Inspector / 2/ .../ 30." Above that in larger handwritten letters is an owner's name, "Dick Howe."
The exterior of the coat is excellent, with great color in the body and trim. One or two minor moth nips, nothing very noticeable- I show the most offensive one, just between the left shoulder strap and collar, which could be backed, but is really hardly bothersome. A second is a small crescent nip on the left lapel, concealed when the coat is closed, just below the second button.

The body lining of the coat shows wear and staining from perspiration. The tail linings, sleeve linings and side and front panels with their quilted interiors are there. The back panel, however, which was not quilted and is just a single thickness of cloth, has torn in several places. Some fabric is missing from the upper back. The rest of the panel is simply torn in several places and hangs loose. You might back it and stitch it down, but the panel is pretty fragile and I don't think it would hold a stitch if you tried to just close up the tears. In any case, this does not show when displayed and the lining does preserve much of the Schuylkill arsenal stamp.

All piping, plackets and buttons in place. Some buttons restitched at various times. The arsenal stamp and the placement of the cuff buttons show this a federal issue coat.

Please take a look at the other field or light artillery coat I have on offer- a musician or bugler's coat. A very showy and scarce US army uniform.

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