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Field Used and Modifed Civil War Canteen
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Regulation US Civil War canteen field modified by a soldier. This is a regulation "bulls-eye" pattern Civil War canteen with a brown wool cover showing stains, dirt and some abrasion from use, with two small holes in the cover as shown- one, eye-shaped, about an inch long, and a second, above it, about 1/2 inch long. Minor small dents evident beneath the cover.

This is a real field-used example slightly modified by the soldier. First, the canteen is not a NY Depot canteen, evidenced by the lack of a hole in one of the upper brackets for the stopper chain, but the soldier preferred the sturdier chain rather than the issue cord on this pattern and he acquired a stopper and chain from somewhere and replaced it on his. Second, he unstitched the solid canteen sling and and sewed a small roller buckle, likely robbed from a cartridge box, on one end so that he could more easily adjust the length for comfort, rather than knotting and unknotting the strap. Lastly, he drilled a small hole in the neck of the canteen just below the upper lip. This admitted air when the cork was removed and eliminated the problem of a vacuum seal when he drank from it.

This is not a mint, unissued example, but that is precisely why I think it is so cool, and I hope you will, too. From a sophisticated collection of Civil War field gear.

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