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"From Atlanta to the Sea"
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Soldier's privately purchased frying pan with fork and knife, along with the display card used when it was exhibited at a display of war relics in Tompkins County. This came out twenty years ago from the Hermon Camp mansion contents auction held in Trumansburg, NY. In the estate was the remains of a war relics display put up at the local fairgrounds and then left in storage for some reason in the Camp mansion. Please see my last photo for an image of the flyer from this display. (The original is not included.)
The display included a number of Gettysburg relic boards with bullets, shell fragments, etc., some loose artifacts with painted Gettysburg designations, the wood bases for a number of Gettysburg found artillery shells, and some relics belonging to local soldiers.
Henry Rudy, formerly in the 137th NY, contributed some pieces, including this frying pan and mess gear. The tag reads, "Frying pan / Knife Fork & Spoon / that went from Atlanta to the Sea." The only other soldier specified as contributing pieces had been in the 10th NYHA, so Rudy is the only candidate for these objects. The spoon was not with the set, but the knife and fork remained with the pan and the card.
The pan has a maker's initials on the handle that are either "I & G" or "J & G," followed by an "O." The pan measures 7 3/4 inches across and 1 1/2 inches deep, with a handle measuring 9 1/2 inches. There is one small hole in the center of the pan. The fork and knife are typical wood handled utensils of the period.
Rudy apparently kept a lot of his wartime stuff. I offer also a very worn deck of cards that came from the same group and was likely his as well. I know of a few pieces that made their way into local historical societies also.
I sold this group years ago to a collector, have reacquired it and now offer it again.
The pan has had some wax applied to it to inhibit rust, otherwise untouched, exactly as it came out two decades ago.
Shipping $14.95. NY addresses add sales tax.