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US World War One US Army 1917 Contract Drawers
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Just what I always wanted to do when I grew up- sell old underwear. Here's a set of US Army World War 1 contractor marked and dated on the outside back of the waist band by Harrow and Company, NY, with a contract date of "Oct.30-17"
These are the regulation drawers with button fly, loops on the back for a cord to tighten them, knit cuffs and placket down the outside of each leg and center of the seat. The marking gives the waist as 42 inches and the inseam as 31.
With this is an unmarked set of short drawers. These have a button from and drawstring back. There are no markings. They might not be military, but are of the period and came with the long set, so I am including them in the deal. They have a small size tag "36" sewn in the back of the waist.
Both sets are solid, with no mothing. There is some dirt, browning and staining that I am only too happy to report are from storage and age. Some of this would likely clean with with some mild soap and water.
Shipping 7.95. NY addresses add sales tax.