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Identified Soldier's Housewife Sewing Kit 72nd Illinois
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A touching memento kept by the soldier's daughter with her note reading: "Made in 1862 when I was 15 years old- for my father to take when he was in the Civil War. Nettie Livesey"
Roughly 4 by 7 inches, green leather exterior, bound edges, pleated interior pockets, with a small photographic cameo pin at top circa 1880 of a woman, presumably Nettie.
Research turned up Antoinette J. "Nettie" Livesey, 1847-1930, of Chicago. This corresponds with her statement in the note that she was fifteen in 1862 when she made it for her father. Her maiden name was Woodard and she was the daughter of Lorenzo Woodard (also, "Woodward") Co. B 72nd Illinois. He resided in Chicago and enlisted 8/5/62 and mustered into Co. B as a private 8/23/62. This also corresponds with the note giving the father's date of enlistment as 1862.
Unfortunately,Nettie's father died just six months after enlisting. The 72nd Illinois was sent to Tennessee and Woodard died of disease at Memphis on 2/13/63. Those familiar with Civil War casualty rates will know that far more men succumbed to disease in the war than enemy bullets.
Antoinette Woodard married John K. Livesey in Chicago in 1865. The couple had two children. Her husband died in 1906. She survived to 1930.
I show her find-a-grave page, a page from her mother's pension application on which she is listed (along with her birthdate that matches the date on her tombstone and her note with her father's sewing kit that she made it for him in 1862 when she was 15.) I also turned up a photo of her online, taken in 1927 in her living room when she was 80.
A touching memento she obviously kept for the rest of her life.
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