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1859 McClellan Saddle Bags -- Complete
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Regulation 1859 McClellan Pattern Cavalry Saddle Bags for the US cavalry enlistedman's saddle of the Civil War. The bags show just light use, showing they were issued, but cared for. A very scarce piece of Civil War equipment and this set is complete with both fastening straps and buckles in place, the locking straps high up on each side that pass through the staples on the rear of the saddle, and even the tie-down straps and buckles, which are usually cut off, broken off, or just missing. The connecting strap with the hole for the saddle bag stud is complete and not broken, which is rare in itself since many people try to fold them flat and end up breaking the old leather right across the width of the strap.
One bag still retains the leather thong used to tie closed the inner compartment of the bag. The thong is gone from the other bag. On the bag with the thong, there is one tiny slit one inch to the right of the buckle. From the impression in the leather, something was stored inside that poked through. There is no missing leather and the slit measures just 1/4 of an inch. Other than that this is a great set with all seams intact and an early war set as well, with no rivets in the construction and no markings visible.
Priced, I think, well below others in similar condition and state of completeness.
Shipping $20. NY addresses add sales tax or supply resale certificates.